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Groundhog Day 2024

Woodchuck by another name: Groundhog. Due to the impact of the 1993 Bill Murray comedy of the same name, Groundhog Day, I've selectively posted only on Groundhog Day. Now that 4 years have gone by it seems time to move forward.

What is moving forward? Most think moving forward involves some "new thing".

This reminds me of the John Wooden (10X NCAA division 1 National Champion UCLA Bruins Coach, John Wooden) quote: "Everybody wants to do the new thing; nobody wants to do what's necessary." Sisyphus, the inspiration for our logo, is a case study in doing what's his case it's the only choice. Going from awkward to awesome is a journey few make because most get lost chasing "new things" and avoid the necessary. Necessary is eliminating the inefficient. Necessary is mastering control of ones self in time and space aka movement. Necessary is embracing the uncomfortable place efficient movement will take you. Necessary is decades of doing and creating results. Necessary is building capacity. Necessary is repetition until it's automatic. Necessary.

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