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Ben changed my view of working out. It's totally different. I was pretty old school: I used to lift heavy weights and get pumped up to just look good. But once I started to work with Ben I started to train smarter. It's more about getting muscles to be in a relaxed state and then move explosively when you need them too. This emphasis on explosive firing gives you as much power as possible, when you need it.

Dennis Seidenberg


I have worked with Ben at Optimum Performance for 5 years. In this time he has helped me come back from injuries as well as train during the summer (i.e. out of season) as well as in-season.  Ben is very committed to helping his athletes get healthy and come back stronger than before they were injured.

Dany Heatley


Since I started working with Ben at Optimum Performance I feel so much better on the ice. I've gotten more flexible. I feel way stronger and when I skate I feel smooth and my muscles don't feel as pumped and tired as before. Four years ago I had a tough knee injury. After surgery I was worried that my career was over. After a couple months of hard work with Ben, I came back. Since then: Winning 3 DEL Championships and an MVP of the Playoffs Award, DEL Defenseman of the Year (my first year full-time Dman) and the Olympic Silver Medal 18’, I can say that I have never felt better on and off the ice.

Yannic Seidenberg


I’ve been working with Ben for a few years now.  2 years ago I had a hip surgery in the off-season, we worked hard but had fun as well.  Ben got me ready for the season and I tied my career high in goals at 30 years old. Looking forward to more years working with you Ben!

David Krejci


It was amazing how much better I felt on the ice once I started with Optimum Performance. Ben knew exactly what I needed during my workouts and rehab to excel on the ice.

Mike Richards


I started working with Ben at the end of my career. After years of playing in the NHL, my body was starting to feel the effects of all that hockey. Ben's knowledge and expertise in developing my workouts and rehab sessions helped get me get healthier and stronger. I wish I would have met him a few years earlier.

Wade Redden


Having a shoulder injury such that I couldn't get a water glass out of a cupboard, doctors said surgery was the only option.  Working with Ben for a couple months on the rehab combined with working out... I felt better than I had before without going under the knife! Over the past four years of training with Ben I have felt better than I have in years! He has helped me through nagging injuries as well as with stuff that has come up along the way. Ben is reliable, knowledgeable, and wants to see the best in everyone that he coaches.

Scott Hartnell


The goal for me was to sustain a high level of play throughout an 82 game schedule and to play at my full potential every one of those 82 games. By using workouts and knowledge from Ben, I am able to do that. Preparation and recovery are a big part of it. I started in the NHL young, 18-19, and did not appreciate proper preparation and recovery as much (I was young and resilient). But as I get older things pile up and rectifying the small problems before they become big issues with proper recover is key and will help me prolong my career.

Milan Lucic


Thank you Ben for everything!  Wish I met you a lot earlier that's for sure.  Good luck and all the best to you my friend! Davai Poehali!

Fedor Tyutin


After sustaining a season ending injury, I was very blessed and thankful to be introduced to Ben through a team mate of mine. His training and recovery practices are unlike any other. He not only helped decrease my recovery time but I came back stronger and more fit than ever.  Wouldn't have made it back without him! Thanks for everything!

Kevan Miller


Ben has had a major effect on not only my hockey career but my life outside the arena and gym. He constantly pushed me through walls I didn't think I could get through. I'm 30 years old and feel better than I have ever felt in my hockey career. I owe a lot of that to the four  years of training with Optimum Performance.  I'm looking forward to the next challenge we can accomplish as a team.

Chay Genoway


Joining Optimum Performance was a life changer for me! Overcoming two big knee injuries seemed impossible to me until Ben and the team made me conquer that fear, overcome the injuries and come back better before the injuries. After that, I was an All-American collegiate soccer player, conference champion and final 4 participant. My speed, ability and strength improved dramatically after training with Optimum Performance. Ben not only was my trainer but became my mentor and friend. He will train you hard, keep you on the right path and help you smash the goals you have set! Physically and mentally he has made me stronger and I cannot thank him enough for everything for being so committed, patient and encouraging!

Bree Robinson


I've been training within the OPC system with Ben for 10 plus years. The only limitation to this system is the individual's will to succeed. No other system can produce these results. I would not be so resilient to injury and fatigue without this system of training. I am 29 years old and still playing high contact sports. I played college football and now play professional rugby, including USA Eagles (USA National Team). Human performance can be exponential, not linear like so many other systems.

Gannon Moore

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